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Stretching the bow

Posted on Sat Oct 3rd, 2020 @ 11:32am by Storyteller & Bronze Sophia Parsons & Bronze Nerisei Varan

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Alderworth - Highfoot Stockade
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 0900

Some cracking sounds and puffing could be heard from trainees on the fields of Highfoot Stockade doing their daily training. The base was lively and the shooting range was no difference, the field instructor was sitting on a box checking some arrows as he looked up from his work to see the two girls "Sophia, Nerisei...come to stretch your luck again?" He gave a soft smile to both of them.

"One must continue practicing to keep honing ones skills," Neresei said as though quoting someone important. She smiled and shrugged, looking to Sophia to see what she had to say.

Practicing at a range was not something that Sophia was really accustomed to, however, she was there to try that little bit again. She quietly thought about going back to the forests again as she stepped up to the line with her bow already out and ready to go. "Of course," She lied. Luck was not exactly something that Sophia considered when it came to exercising her target practice.

The trainer smiled at the gals and ends "Range 2 and 3 are free for usages...feel free to stretch those bows of yours" He winked at Sophia "You know what...there is a bet" He points at the paper that hanged at the billboard "If you manage to hit the can, you get a silver coin" The can however was more then 100 meters away at the far edge of the range.

Sophia shrugged and withdrew an arrow from her pouch and drew her bow back. She focused on the can at over one hundred yards and made the necessary adjustment accounting for wind and distance. She took a deep breath, exhaled, and held it. The arrow left the bow with little effort from her and sailed through the air before sticking right through the can at the end.

"Oh," She said with a huge grin on her face. It was truly an amazing shot and she looked at the trainer with her hand out, "Well that was amazing," She muttered under her breath without losing the grin on her face.

The jaw of the man dropped looking at the tin can being pierced by the arrow "Fine..." He tosses a silver coin to the woman. He was being a sport about it, but the woman was the first one in weeks to actually hit it so good. He continues to work on his bow.

Neresei hadn't used her bow in quite some time, but she shrugged and gave the bet a shot. She lined herself up, closed her eyes and grounded herself before taking a breath in. Then she brought her bow up, with an arrow notched, exhaled as she drew back the string, held it while she aimed and released. Only to narrowly miss the can, maybe a hair's width from actually touching it. "Well sugarshacks..." She muttered. "Only thing worse than missing your target is coming extremely close and yet still missing it," she said turning to look at them and grinning. "Great shot though, Sophia!"

Looking at the other woman, the man smiled "Not bad, well depending on how you look at it" He corrected himself "You can try again" He smiled with an wink.

Shrugging, Neresei attempted it again. Narrowly missing the second shot. Then, in frustration she notched another arrow and moved a hair's width to the left and shot a third arrow. This time it struck the can's side, causing it to bounce and spin a tiny bit. Muttering to herself, she turned to the man and shrugged. "Guess I need more practice..."

The trainer laughs and smacks at the side of his leg "Not everyone has a lucky day miss" He pointed out "But it was quite a daring shot you tried there my dear" He admitted with a smile on his face "You make the challenge fun, it is not because you missed that you succeeded, it is because you tried that you succeeded. The goal of the challenge is not to hit, but to try and go beyond your own boundaries" He stated wisely.

Sophia had to admit that it was a lucky shot that she made, "I'll go get our arrows," She said with a big grin on her face and then went skipping towards the target at the very end. After a few minutes she came skipping back and offered the other woman her arrows that had been fired, "Here you go!"

Neresei shook her head at the man and watched Sophia. She was a bubbly one, that was for sure. When the girl came back and handed over her arrows, Neresei bowed her head slightly. "Thank you Miss Sophia," she said before examining her arrows. Two were in good shape, but the third would need a new arrowhead. She tucked the good ones into her quiver, then tied a string around the damaged one to indicate it's need of repair and tucked it in as well. "So, what other challenges have been set up today?"

A young boy quickly went towards the area where the can was and placed a new one, and another and when he finally walked away there was a pyramid of cans. He also placed a few targets on 150 meters and while walking back also on 75 meters as the trainer waved his hand at the boy "Try now, think about the wind"

"So what's the goal here? Knock down the pyramid and hit the other two cans? Or hit as many as you can?" Neresei asked as she moved to the line and pulled an arrow from her quiver. She looked to the man as she notched it and held the bow at the ready, but still facing the ground.

"Try to hit, lets start with that. Take whatever goal you wish to take out and you feel comfortable with" The man smiled as he takes a bite of an apple he had grabbed at his side "Go nuts and see what abilities you have in store for yourself" He pointed out.

Neresei nodded and took her first shot, it soared through the air and embedded itself in the can at 150 meters. She quickly notched another and took a second shot. This time the arrow hit a can on the middle row of the pyramid of cans, not quite center, but close. Her third and final shot took out the can at the 75 meter mark. "Eh, not bad, I guess."

Sophia drew back her bow after taking aim towards the stack of cans and held her breath. After a moment she took the shot and watched the arrow soar just slightly to the left of the stack of cans. "Out of range for me it seems," Sophia stated quietly as she prepared to notch another arrow. "I'll try again in a moment."

Smiling at the other girl, Neresei shrugged. "I'm sure you're still just recovering from that amazing shot earlier," she teased.

"Well done girls, keep practicing and train those arm muscles. Now if you would mind" He said as he nods to the side seeing behind them a few more archers waiting to get their chance to get a shot at this challenge "They wish to get this going also" He smiled as the two ladies left the area.


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