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They tend to stick together

Posted on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 1:30pm by Bronze Eulalia Ward & Bronze Deryn Bardell

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Alderworth - Drirrilf Hill
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1000

Dirrilf was cracking with whining people and beggers already on the street. Eulalia stretched as she wanders the streets of the district and looked at Deryn "You are awful quiet for a person that talks quite a bit" She spoke as she looked back around placing her hands behind her head ignoring the beggars.

Rolling her eyes, Deryn continued counting the coins she'd snagged from a particularly fat coin purse on a particularly nasty nobleman she had run into before. "No clue where you get that from, I'm always quiet, you're the talker," she said looking to Eulalia with slight amusement.

"Well.." She pointed her finger up and then realize that she was right "Whatever..." Eulalia replied correcting her hat "Like you would mind, but how are things going, been a while since you walked with me through the streets of Alderworth" She pointed out seeing some guards passing them by.

"Things are fine," she shrugged, watching the guards for a moment. "Been adventuring, trying to make some extra coin," she tucked the coins she'd counted out into her coin purse and smiled at her friend. "Where have you been?"

She looked upwards to the sky, where indeed was she "I guess everywhere and nowhere is the answer you can expect out of me right now" Eulalia pointed out "What kind of adventures, meeting new people already heh?" She smirks looking back at her...well yea she could consider this woman to be a friend.

Deryn smirked and shook her head. "I guess you could call it that... killed a few spiders. Dunno, maybe I'll join that group again, maybe I won't. Feels weird to be doing 'honest' work," she flicked a bit of wayward hair out of her face and looked to her slightly shorter friend. "Haven't had a 'job' come my way in a while," she shrugged.

Rubbing her eyes a bit as Eulalia blinks and looked at Deryn "You, doing honest work for the city?" She reaches out and tries to touch her forehead "Are you sick girl?" She laughed and looked around seeing her facial expression change from happy to grim "Ah frak...." In front of them a gang of human thugs were roaming the streets and terroristing the people by kicking the buckets and such "Reds...why don't they just go back to their stinky kingdom"

"Because they're bullies," Deryn said, eyes narrowing in disgust. She may steal from the people of the city, but never would she disrespect them so. Especially the people these one's terrorized. Deryn had some standards, which was generally rare for a thief, but she never took from the honest, hard working citizens. Only the slobbish, lazy, rich merchants who grew fat on the hard work of their labourers. "Wanna have some fun?" She grinned devilishly at Eulalia.

With two fingers she rose her hat and looked curious at Deryn "What are those sparkly eyes seeing? Every time you say something like that...we get in trouble" Placing an arm around Deryn, Eulalia smirks "Do tell"

Laughing she shook her head. "An opportunity to give them a taste of their own medicine. Look there," she gestured at a stall with a big burly man behind it. "I bet he'd love to have a go at one of them. And her," she pointed out an old crone holding a rather large walking stick. "Surely that 'bright mind' of yours could come up with a plan that didn't get us in too much trouble."

Blinking at that " had an idea or so I thought?" Looking at the Reds then at the gestured two people "They do tend to seem bit wee tense there mate" She leans back to her friend "I ...potentially have an idea?" She sighs at her own convincing voice. Eulalia looked back the woman "She seemed to looking for some...misfits fun"

"My idea is just to mess with them," Deryn said with a chuckle. "Look there, they seem to be trying to shake people down for money. They're no good at pick-pocketing so they're roughing people up to cover up their thefts. Armatures." She shook her head and made a noise of disgust. "You've always been the planner, I'm the doer. What you you think?"

"Poke the man on its...noble good side and throw a rock at the woman that somehow gets the idea that they did it and you got a fubar situation?" Eulalia smirks looking at her friend "Now, doer, go for it" She bows and waves to the scene.

Chuckling, Deryn nodded and, after waiting a moment, stepped into the middle of a group of people passing by, blending in seamlessly. Carefully, she made her way around to the other side of the thugs and went to steal an item from a nearby table, but ended up tripping over a bag she hadn't seen and landing face first in the dirt. Groaning, she pushed herself up and when she stood, she spun to face one of the thugs. "You pushed me!" she yelled. The thug tried to say something, but she went on a rant about how rude and disgusting he was to push a lady around.

The man behind the stall, who was looking for an excuse to go after the thugs, came around and started yelling at them. While he did that, Deryn slipped off to the side and picked up an overripe tomato. It was soft and squishy, it would splatter perfectly. She moved beside the nearest thug and threw it at the woman while everyone was distracted. It missed the woman, but splattered on the ground next to her. Deryn, meanwhile had moved just enough that it appeared the thug threw the tomato. Unfortunately, where Deryn ended up was right beside the burly man. She did her best to look like she was in pain and upset.

The man looked confused at the young lady on the ground and was unsure if it was really his mistake or not as his buddies looked a bit discontent to him "I ...I didn't see her I swear" He rose his hands looked dumb and then back down at the young lady "You should pay attention lad to where you are welcome" He said rather nicely to her, not yet extending his hand to get her up to the feet as his buddies were dealing with the man that intervene.

Out of the blood, a tomato hits the elderly woman as she looked into the direction where it came from seeing Eulalia leaning there on the wall looking at something else and noticed being watched. The woman narrows her eyes and walked towards her with her staff in her hands "Young lady, I am not pleased by your actions to throw a tomato at me....I expect an apology from you"

Eulalia looked confused at the woman and shrugs that the plan didn't work as planned but went with it "Yo listen lady, I had nothing to do with that red spot on you, you can see I am busy with this" She holds up a book and looks at the group of discussion "Try those lads, they been bickering with the seller for a bit now, now bugger off will ya?" The woman looks confused but into the direction of the group.

"You should take your own advice," Deryn hissed just loud enough for the man talking to her to hear. She took a step back from him before he could even think of trying to touch her. Then, she moved behind the shop keeper and slipped back into the crowd, melting into them and slipping away from the action.

A moment later, she appeared by Eulalia's side again. "See, this is why I don't do the planning," she said with a mischievous grin. "Also, why I don't get to do any fun jobs..."

Yet the plan got off with a hitch and they were fighting with each other, yet Eulalia was less focus on it as she slowly scanned the area. It was like she was being watched and it was a irk feeling, her eyes slide over the stands as she saw in a blink a man with a clown mask on, yet her eyes refocused on the position and the person was gone "What the..."

"Alright?" Deryn asked, watching Eulalia closely. She looked where her friend was looking, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Eulalia blinks and looked at Deryn "Must be nothing....we did make some noise there" She grins and put her arm around her walking together off to their next misfit "Did you know that new storage of a certain powder is in town" She winks.


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