Vei Luba and Illiarhia

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2020 @ 12:36pm by Bronze Ava Aldithley & Bronze Taral & Bronze Sascha Delarosa

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Alderworth - Market
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0830

The city was slowly waking up, the shops were opening up and loud noises were already heard from the market where people were trying to sell their supplies to bystanders, travelers and other people that just lived there. Ava was up and early walking around the market noticing some guards keeping the market in check and just passing by for their patrols. They gave a nod to Ava as they pass by with more formality then needed. Ava stops at a small stand and looked at the plants that were there.

Sascha, excited to start the day and hopefully find a fun adventure, bounded out of her sleeping quarters and headed toward the markets. She practically bounced as she walked, and of course stopped to say hello to several shop keepers and their plants. Noticing a particularly sad looking plant on a stand nearby, she scurried over to examine it, nearly bumping in to Ava as she did. "Oh, sorry Miss Ava," she said softly, knowing who the woman was though not really having had much interactions with her.

Getting bumped against, Ava looked at the person a bit surprised and smiles softly "Its okay, it happens" She replied kindly "While you recognize me, can I know who you might be?" Ava pointed out as she looked now fully at the person that bumped into her "And anything in particular you are looking for?"

Taral flew into the market in her butterfly form and watched the interaction between her new Druid friend, the excitable Sascha, and her occasional questing companion Ava, daughter of the Viscountess. The bright blue butterfly landed on Ava's forearm and looked up at the Ithiris. She then looked at Sascha and, hoping the druid's animal telepathy was well developed, sent her a simple hello message.

"I've seen you at the academy. When my mentor takes me there," Sascha said with a giggle as she watched the butterfly. When she faintly heard the hello, she giggled even more. "Hello Taral," she said to the butterfly, waggling her fingers at her friend. "Practicing again, I see!" Sascha bounced slightly on her heels.

Blinking as Ava looked at her shoulder seeing the butterfly "Ehh Taral?" Last time she checked, Taral didn't look like that as Ava looked back at Sacha "Are you okay?"

The butterfly flew off Ava and transformed itself into a teal-haired Ithiris woman. She smoothed her leather armor and turned to face Ava and Sascha. “Good morning, you two.”

Narrowing her eyes as Ava tried there best to understand just what happened, but at the same time she remember vaguely that Taral did this trick at the Barren Tips when trying to cover long distance with the saving of that one person "Ehmm...hey Taral...up to some training I presume?" She tried to make some conversation without sounding stupid.

“Animal shapes never feel entirely natural,” Taral explained. “It doesn’t feel like your body. But every time you do it, it gets a little easier. My cat form feels very right, but I always benefit from more training as a butterfly.” She stretched the muscles in her arms. “What brings you two to the market?”

"I'm looking for some ingredients that I couldn't find on my own," Sascha said with a shrug, then looked back to the plants on the stall. "What're you doing here?"

Ava looked at them both "Well...I am here for getting herbs for my mother and the ...." Scratch behind her ears " staff" She awkwardly looked away and blinks " is always good ...right?" She smiled a bit looking back at them.

"Oooh, herbs! What kind of herbs? I like the aromatic ones myself, but some have lovely flavour pops!" Sascha said, practically bouncing as she looked to Ava.

Scratching behind her ears "To...get some nice smells in the house actually, also for the baths" She blinks for a second "Well those are for the service staff, the kitchen staff want some herbs for the food" Ava quickly corrected herself.

"Did they request anything specific or did they just give you those instructions? Would you like help picking out some herbs?" Sascha asked, moving to look at the herbs on display nearby. She looked back to Ava and smiled widely, waiting for an answer, though already holding two potted herbs.

“I actually don’t know much about herbs for flavour and scent,” Taral admitted. “I normally gather herbs used to make medicine, or used as ingredients in spells. Every now and then I find something I don’t recognize and bring a sample to the Academy, for them to tell me about it.”

She opened her pouch and showed her recent gatherings to Ava and Sascha, and gestured to one side of it. “These three are new. Are any of them flavour herbs of interest?”

Seeing both of them being interested in her buying "I guess I need some herbs for cooking, and vanilla for the room smells and..." She mutters a bit as Ava spoke "...herbs for magical stuff" She scratch behind her ear and looked away.

Oblivious to how Ava was acting, Sascha picked up some vanilla and a couple of flavourful herbs that she knew. Not that she knew of many. Most of the herbs she knew were also healing poultice ingredients. She then remembered that Taral was showing them herbs and moved closer to see what they were. "Oooh, those look like really good quality herbs... but I have no clue what they are!"

"Same!" Taral replied. "Oh, but you need herbs for magic, Ava? Take a look in the bag and tell me if there's anything you want in it. I'm sure we can come to an arrangement." She had the opportunity to offload some of the day's finds without having to work hard processing them, haggle with merchants in the market, or go all the way to the Academy. Normally she would be happy to give some of them freely to a friend, but Ava...every time Ava mentioned things like 'kitchen staff' and 'room smells', Taral remembered just how well off her friend was. No. Ava could pay for what she wanted. But Taral could at least offer her a price that was lower than what Ava would pay at a market booth.

She sighs a bit as she rose both her hands "My mother wants me to perform a ritual to please the Vei Luba magical flow" Ava points up a finger as if she was judging "If you don't please the magic that is around you, you will have short of it in the long run, or so she says" She rolled her eyes.

"A ritual?" Sascha said, tilting her head to the side. "Oooh, those can be fun! My mentor did a ritual to the land once and it was soooo cooool! I didn't get to take part in it, but I watched and she did all these cool things just to give back to the land. The crops that grew there the next season were soooo delicious too!"

"I'm unfamiliar with this ritual either," Taral said. "Is this something that we can assist you in? I'm sure we could all contribute and benefit together from it."

Ava nods to them both "Well I actually don't know if its something that a druid can help with? Is the Illiarhia plane not different from Vei Luba?" She looked a bit questionable to them "I don't want to cause issues with your gods or you have gods?"

“The planes are different,” Taral agreed, “but at the Academy I was trained to access the Vei Luba just a bit. As for gods, we druids have little need of them outside from Mother Nature herself. And Gaia is not concerned if we show respect to the gods and goddesses of others.” She smiled. “I’ve never faced consequences for seeking help from Brother Zarinah’s temple to Freya.”

"Brother Zarinah...." Ava blinks and thinks "That name rings a bell..." She shakes it off a bit "But you got to have some rules in your plane? I mean you can't really take the magic without consent or a prayer?" Ava narrows her eyes "I mean if I would set something on fire I got to pay the cost for it"

Sascha looked between the two as they talked. While she knew some of what they were talking about, she wasn't entirely sure she understood it all. The name mentioned also sounded familiar to her. She was sure she'd met him before at least once. But at the same time, it could have been someone else. Sascha knew she'd at least heard the name at some point during her training.

“We’re attuned to the Illarhia, as it is expressed in the natural world,” Taral explained. “All our lives, we give back to nature. We help nurture the plants and animals around us, and we only take what we need to survive, or what is plentiful. These herbs I harvested, for example, are abundant right now, and neither plant nor animal suffers for me taking some. The magic Illarhia suffuses into everything around us works similarly. It grows stronger as we nurture the land, and we use of it only what we need to survive, or what is plentiful. There are consequences for a Druid who takes more than they need, or more than what can be given.” She smiled gently. “Think of it this way: Gaia lets us drink our fill, but requires that we make sure there is enough for all.”

Scratching the side of her head "That kinda makes sense, much like our own plane. Stay in balance as what you receive is what you give" Ava replied to them. She then heard the clock and looked at it "Shit...I am getting late, mom will kill me if I am not inside at time. Thanks for catching up!" With that she rushes off to get back to the manor.

That left the two Druids alone. Taral put her hand on Sascha's shoulder. "Have you eaten yet?"

Looking down at her stomach as it gurgled in response, Sascha frowned. "I... don't remember if I did..." She looked up with a grin. "But if you're hungry, we can go find food!"