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Lurking of the dark

Posted on Wed Oct 21st, 2020 @ 5:05pm by Storyteller

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

The moonlight hits through the broken roof of an abandoned church as the dust slowly descended through the ground with broken banks. At the light, a man with a black mantel was kneeling and holding his head bent forward as two other figures were at his side. Right of him a man playing with a knife and the other a muscled man cracking his neck. They were all wearing jester masks as the door opens, the man in the middle rose his head.

The girl hops into the room as a man in silk clothing acting as if he was a butler walked into the large room. The two were wearing their mask as well "I have returned master, with the target retrieved..." He stops closeby and bows to the man who has not yet turned around. The two looked now at the incoming guest as their red glowing eyes looked at them but not a worth was spoken.

"Explain yourself" The man spoke as he turned his head looking over his shoulder towards the girl.

The girl stops hopping cheerful and placed her hands behind her back "The intercepted bandits were taking care of, hunger has been silent ones again. My pets are at ease right now" She spoke as her master was expecting more explanation "I witness the guardians of the convoy, they are but mere insects to your strength, and the girl was there as well" She carefully explained choosing her words quite carefully.

The man sighs raising back onto his feet and turned around as the red dimmed eyes were focused on the girl "You played with those guards, tried to bring my plan in danger" He sounded frustrated and anger as he saw the girl back away slowly raising her hands "You thought I wouldn't notice your magical powers, I told you to stay low, you didn't. If the mage would have noticed, all those years waiting was for nothing"

"I didn't send off my magic, they don't know. The girl Ava is with them..." She rose her hands "I almost got rid of that rogue Deryn" She saw her master hand raise as she shakes and wanted to run. But she was already taken off the ground and slammed from one pillar to another. She coughs up some blood and tries to recover "I ...I am sorry master...I tried to help"

The man was tricky calm, he was not moved by the pleads as he lets go of the girl "Don't disappoint me again..." He spoke "The target is mine, Alderworht will burn and feel my wraith. Our time will come my brothers....But we have to place our pawns carefully"


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