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Who's there?

Posted on Wed Oct 7th, 2020 @ 11:25am by Bronze Lia Nailo (Nigh-Low) & Bronze Deryn Bardell & Storyteller

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Forest
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0100

The two took off from the camp to follow a shady and dusty trail, for good reasons the alarm bells went off with them as the camp was empty, and left with a hurry. The animal sounds around them were heard, owls making their calls as the moon shines in the sky. The two wanders off deeper into the forest, are they ready to find what they require to find or is it their worse nightmare?

Lia looked over at Deryn as they followed the trail. "Most people wouldn't just leave their camps like that. Especially with their camping equipment there too. In some places, that can be hard to find. But...always into the forest, isn't it?"

"Always," Deryn said with a frown as she followed Lia along the trail. "Better hiding in the forest than in the open," she added. Looking around, she felt a chill down her spine. "I don't like this one bit," she whispered just loud enough Lia to hear her.

"There I agree with you," Lia whispered back as she looked ahead of them. "Why did we do this again?" She stated with a smirk.

The two wander deeper into the forest, nothing really gets noticed as the usual sounds for Deryn. Maybe her interaction with Ava ticked her off a bit, but Lia does notice branches being broken, here and there...yet all going the same direction. Who ever ran here, it was a group and they were running.

Slowing down a little, Lia looked at the branches. "Deryn...someone, multiple someones, were running through here. This can't be good."

Matching pace with Lia, Deryn examined the branches she had been looking at. "Huh," she said softly, wondering how she'd missed it before. "Either these someones were attacked, or are making seem like they were," she added, pulling two daggers from her belt and holding one in each hand, ready in case they were ambushed.

A wave of wind passes through the trees as the ladies could feel the cold breeze hitting their bodies. It was strange to experience something like this at this period of the time seeing that the heat was getting higher only this morning. Yet while Deryn didn't notice it at first, Lia would have notice a faint involvement of magic in this all. Whatever this was heading towards the same path they were walking to.

A shiver hit her spine as the breeze blew through. Lia's eyes looked every direction. "This isn't good," she whispered. "We can't stay on this path. I still want to know where it goes but walking on the path itself I don't think is good..."

Looking toward Lia, Deryn nodded. "Should we go back or find a different path to follow?" She tilted her head as a shiver ran through her. "Either way, this is worse than I anticipated... something is very wrong here."

"Right now, we need to keep a sharp eye out but off the path. Walk along side it I think would be good." Lia had an uneasy feeling, and a lot of her mind was telling her to turn back to the group. But, they had to figure out what was out here.

The cold breeze slowly melts down as Deryn notice a little person with a funny looking and yet scary clown mask. Her uniform looked if she came from the circus as she sides her head at them "Mmm not the one I seek, but hunger already fed" She puts up her finger that went left and right "Tssk Tssk Tssk...go back where you come not continue your path from here" Her eyes shimmer red in the dark "You might not like what you will find..."

Biting back a gasp, Deryn's grip tightened on her daggers. "Who are you... what are you?" She asked looking at the creepy creature in front of her. "What are you doing in these parts?"

They both could feel a dark force coming from her as she simply looked at them. A scream was heard as she slowly looked into that direction and giggled "Well, my beasties are fed. But what to do with you" While she finishes her sentence she looked back at the other two. An overwhelming power of darkness comes over them "What I am, is not important....what I can do is" She lets her finger go up and slides it down as the two drop to their knees by an unknown gravity force "Mmmm" She hums and looked at the direction of where Deyrn and lia came from "Like mother like daughter, their magical scence is the same"

Fighting as hard as she could, Lia couldn't get herself back up to her feet. Whoever or whatever this person was had more powerful magic than she had ever thought. The scream hadn't come in the direction of the rest of the group, at least she didn't think it did. "We...are no threat to you...let us go..."

Deryn's muscles tensed as she tried to stay on her feet, but she was unsuccessful. Kneeling in the dirt she cursed her luck. 'Why did I come on this mission, I should have listened to Eulalia and stayed in the city...' Flicking her eyes in the direction of the scream, then to Lia as she spoke, Deryn weighed her options. Obviously this creature was strong, probably stronger than she and Lia could take on. But they had to do something. Talking wasn't working, but she also couldn't move. Growing angry, Deryn growled and fought against this foul magic holding her down. Using all her strength and her anger, she managed to fling her arm forward and throw a dagger at this creature, hoping to interrupt its concentration and gain its attention long enough for Lia to escape back to the others.

The amount of gravity was pushing down on Deryn, the throw was successful and yet it ripped right into her arm flesh giving her severe damage. The dagger flew through the air as it got caught into a unknown force as the girl eyes turned towards the hovering dagger right in front of her and narrowed her eyes "Determination, motivation and strength I can admire. You have caught my attention" Ignoring Lia poor attempt to sweet talk out of it all. The dagger falls into the beings hand as she inspects it "Rats from the Alderworth, problematic beings and yet resilent to survival at its best" She throws the dagger down into the ground and looked back at the two.

They were interesting, curious beings that were initial not the target as she reached out her hand and an overwhelming force surrounds Deryn that lifts her from the ground in a tied lock as she could feel the crushing force.

"Deryn!" Lia managed to get out as she still fought against the gravity she felt. Swearing under her breath, Lia shut her eyes tight, focusing her mind. She wanted to get some kind of protection around Deryn, and tried her hardest to get Shield of Faith to work.

The light sparkly around Deryn, slowly cracking around her as the force starts to weaken on her as the being eyes glow red as she looked at her hand seeing smoke coming from her glove "Mmm, carriers the light within and yet darkness is everywhere" She puts her grip tied as the shield cracks more slowly breaking "You both are just pawns in a bigger play, darkness falls across the lands, creatures will crawl in search of blood.." Suddenly the gravity breaks and Deryn and Lia dropp to the floor as the gravity was gone.

The girls wrist was taken by another man that appeared out of fin air. Black suit with circus clothing but more civilized as if he was some kind of director. The mask was kinda identical to the girl's mask. He didn't look at the two and yet looked at the girl "Time for play is done, we have to return. You are late and shall be placed in your place by the master" The girl shivers in fear "No...I have yet to complete the mission that master has given me!"

The man kept quiet and lets go of the girl "The mission is complete, the warlock knows that we are here....return now" He said on an insisted way. The man turned to the two and his red eyes looked at them as she disappears into fin air. The girl sighs and looked at the two "Even thought your bodies are fighting to stay alive....You shall die with the Queen to Be. As no mere mortal can resist...the masters power" She bows and disappears into fin air.

Finally able to get air into her lungs, Deryn let out a cry of pain as she writhed on the ground. Her entire body felt as though it had gone through a dough press. Muscles contracted and released sporadically as her brain finally caught up with the trauma that had just been dealt to her.

Moving along the ground over to Deryn, Lia was trying to catch her breath after her body had fought against the gravity. "Deryn...we...need to get back to the others. Can you try to walk...with my help?" She wasn't even sure her own legs would carry her, let alone the both of them. However, they had to get back, then she could let the adrenaline run out.

Though she was still conscious, barely, Deryn didn't hear Lia. Every fiber of her being was on fire and she felt like even her heart was torn in half. A just audible groan of pain escaped her as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

She's alive and breathing Lia thought to herself. And she was grateful. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the one healing potion she had brought along on this little trip down the path. Opening it, she very carefully gave it to Deryn. "Easy...this should help until we can get you back," she said softly.

At first Deryn choked on the liquid, but as soon as her ravaged mind realized what was being fed to her, instinct kicked in and she began to swallow it down. "Oooooowwww........ the hell was that???" She groaned still not moving much as the potion began to work its magic on her.

"Some creepy clown things, with some damned powerful magic. Come on, let's get back to the others and get healed up," Lia said softly, looking back in the direction of the group, "And report this. I have a feeling they won't enjoy hearing about what we just encountered." Carefully, Lia helped Deryn up enough to assist her in walking back.


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