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When the Moon shines bright

Posted on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 8:03am by Bronze Ava Aldithley & Bronze Taral & Bronze Sophia Parsons & Bronze Lia Nailo (Nigh-Low) & Bronze Deryn Bardell & Bronze Neldëa Koako

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Forest - Trade route
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 2200

The convoy went smoothly thus far, the only dangerous creatures that were encountered were dealt with on an animal friendly way by Taral. It made some people shrug, but Ava only praised her teammate for her kind heart in the matter. Thought the night was slowly trapping the area in a choking holt as the moon started to rise "We should set up camp somewhere" Ava asked the convoy leader in a rather stating the obvious way.

"You are right Miss Aldithley, there should be an open area ahead of us, we should be able to camp there and take some rest"

Nodding to the man as indeed a few minutes later they arrived at a field that was used a few times to set up camp, however, this was different. They quickly saw that there was already a camp, a camp that was set up but not finished. A fire that was still smoking after. Ava jumped off her seat and moved towards it "Halt the convoy, the rest lets investigate!" The camp looked ordinarily well preserved, no struggle, nothing strange to be seen at first sight.

Hopping off where she was sitting, Lia looked around and frowned. "They deserted this place...quickly." She walked around slowly but then stopped for a moment. "Tracks. Not sure where they go but tracks..." She looked back to the others to see if anyone was watching her. The feeling that someone was watching her was something she couldn't shake.

Neldëa rubbed at her eyes as she got off the wagon. She had been sleeping lightly as they rode. She knew she would stay up for the night, to act as a guard. She swept the area with her eyes and did her best to listen for anything out of the ordinary. But there was nothing. She looked to where the old camp was, then at the track that had been pointed out. But nothing seemed out of place.

Deryn muttered something about this being a perfect ambush situation as she made her way around to where Lia was standing. She frowned. "Either mid set-up or tear-down, but they definitely left quickly. And recently," she said, kneeling next to the tracks, careful not to touch them or disturb anything else.

Walking around as Ava was not seeing anything special "What are you guys talking about? There is almost finished camp...wrap it up and looks good to me that we can take a rest here" Ava signals the rest of the convoy "IT LOOKS CLEAR" Looking at the others "What?"

Looking at Deryn, Lia nodded. "Feel like following the tracks? I'm too curious. If they go to far we turn back, as I don't feel like getting lost out here."

"Seriously Ava? Why would there be a nearly finished camp in the middle of nowhere with no one in it? Think before you draw attention to the convoy!" Deryn said, standing up and making a few disgusted noises. "Lia and I will follow the tracks. You," she pointed at Ava, "stay here with the others and protect the convoy. This is the perfect place for an ambush." She made a hissing sound and waved to Lia. "Are you a good tracker?"

Taral saw the same thing Lia and Deryn saw, but not much else. The sense of being watched was there, so splitting the party made sense. "I'll hang back with Ava and Neldëa," the Druid suggested. "The three of us should be able to cover all angles while the two of you follow the tracks."

Hearing the commentary as Ava shrugs and waves to the convoy to come forth "I stay guard...sure..." Ava mutters shaking her head going to help the convoy to unload the sleeping materials.

Lia nodded. "Yeah, let's go on. We know how to find out way back." She watched Ava getting the sleeping materials out. "I think they are going to sleep, not keeping watch."

Sophia didn't think that it made much of any sense for there to be a camp in the middle of nowhere. She'd remained silent while she considered the situation and even looked around for a moment, "I'll stay here with Ava as well," Sophia called out. She had probably the best tracking skills, but felt like she'd be more useful by remaining behind.

Deryn frowned slightly, but shook her head before turning to Lia and nodding as well. She gestured for Lia to go ahead. "Hopefully my gut feeling is wrong," she said softly as they began to follow the tracks.


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