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The convoy is set to go

Posted on Mon Aug 24th, 2020 @ 2:14pm by Bronze Ava Aldithley & Bronze Taral & Bronze Sophia Parsons & Bronze Lia Nailo (Nigh-Low) & Bronze Deryn Bardell & Bronze Neldëa Koako

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Alderworth - Market
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 1230

The market was crowded, a large convoy was reading itself to get going to their destination. People were checking their gear, horses were being tended to and Brightlanders personnel were listening to the list of supplies needed for this journey. Ava was also there, talking to one of the Brightlanders leaders in this convoy "You and your team have a gratitude miss Aldithley, the convoy is going to pass some dangerous routes of known wild animals. But the chance is there that bandits are on the lurk to raid us"

Ava nods holding her staff "Don't worry about it, we will protect this convoy" with that said she bows slightly and moved away to join the others at the gathering point.

Lia was stowing some things away and listening to all those around her. She glanced to Ava as she came over. "They think we're worried about bandits?"

Neldëa was in her old, dented and dirty, scale armor, with Sunbrawlers emblem on it. Currently her sword, axe, shield, bow with quiver of twenty arrows and a helmet were resting on the back of one of the wagons that were going with them. Luckily it was from one of her families mines. So she knew the driver. Elsewhere in the convoy were carts from farms she knew of, but were not her family's.

Neldëa had a horse with the convoy, but had offered it to someone else. Even with it, she would walk, as horses hated her. And one could only be thrown so many times before you just stopped riding them. She put the belt that held her scabbard and sword around her hips and tightened it. The bow got placed on the outside of the cart, near the driver, her arrows hung next to it. She placed the axe on the belt, opposite to her sword. Then she slid on her helmet and finally grabbed her shield.

Taral never went into Alderworth without all of her supplies, so getting ready was trivial. She nodded to her fellow adventurers and found the lead wagon. It had a hard top, so she climbed up and took a spot as forward watch. She still lacked an animal form that had a good flying speed, otherwise she would be in the air. But a butterfly wouldn’t be an effective scout.

Turning her attention to Lia "They are worried about wild animals and bandits yes, but we are pretty big group which gives advantages and also disadvantages" Ava observed already quickly "We should be fine, so far I know there has not been a raid by thieves for quite some time"

“Let’s get this out of the way,” called Taral from her wagon-roof spot. “If it’s wild animals, the goal is to discourage them or drive them off. Killing is the last resort.” Most of her companions knew her feelings in this regard, but their newest member, Neldëa, and the convoy crew didn’t. Now they did.

Neldëa had began to move to an open seat. "I'll be my best, but if lives are on the line, I must defend the weak."

"No, I get that," Lia stated, finishing up what she was doing. "Just wondering if they think we can't deal with it."

"Nah, it's a standard warning," Deryn said as she moved among the group, scouting out a good place to hang out once the group started moving. If there were to be an ambush, it would likely come from the sides. There would be a distraction up front, and then a group of bandits would close in on them from either side. Carts like these were difficult to back up or turn around, so they wouldn't need to put too much at the back. She sized up the group, looking at it like the thief she was trained to be. All of this good, helpful stuff was new to her, but she was enjoying the challenge. Finally, she settled on sticking with a particularly good looking cart. Not to rob it herself, but because it would be the target of a bunch of thieves if they lurked along the trail.

Deryn stood to one side and adjusted her outfit. She had on tight-fitting, though not restrictive, black pants, a loose-fitting dark grey top that looked like it'd seen better days, an equally battered-looking brimmed hat that was black and had several dark-colored patches, and walking boots that while not new, didn't look as well-worn as her other items. Across her torso, going from right shoulder to left hip, was a leather strap connected to a bag that practically molded to her hip. Inside, she had some rations and other bits and bobs she would need. On a belt around her waist were several throwing knives, though they were mostly hidden by her top. On her back was a scabbard holding a rapier. All in all, she didn't look like much, but she wanted to remain unassuming. Besides, there was a flashy fighter with them, she would be the main target, which Deryn didn't mind one bit.

Nodding towards Deryn as Ava made it to her ride and got onto it with her staff at her side. She took a deep breath and looked at the other wagons and saw everyone getting onto it "ALRIGHT LETS GET THIS CONVOY MOVING" Ava heard from the front wagon and everyone got onto it. The convoy started to move from the market where most Brightlanders and citizen waved at the convoy for a safe journey. Ava lays back against the wood "Off to another adventure" She mutters.

The trip brought them over the hills, through the forest as Ava could see Alderworth disappear behind the trees and smiled. The ride was calmly so far, but anything could happen and she was excited for sure, but also hoping her mother would relax now that she was away from the city. It has been years since she had traveled the routes, she could see the magical beings in forest zooming and herding around.

Sophia had been following behind the convoy group for sometime and out of the way of others. She eventually slipped ahead slightly, "I'm going to go scout ahead," She said to Ava as she walked past, "Make sure there's nothing coming up ahead of us that could catch us off guard." Sophia then dove off the trail and disappeared from the group out ahead of them.

Lia did enjoy trips through the forest, even if it was with a convoy and not on her own. "Careful up there, Sophia," she called out ahead.

If things had been different, Neldëa would have been raised in the forest. Yet she had been left and raised in a large city. This was her first real trip this far away from the city. Naturally she had gone to the family holdings near the city. So this was a big adventure and she wanted to see everything she could. When one of them headed off to scout ahead, she stood up and began to do a visual sweep of the trees.

Sat on the back of the cart she'd chosen to ride on, Deryn stiffened while her companions relaxed. Now that they were free of the city, anything could happen. While she enjoyed nature, she knew that this convoy was a prime target. Hell, it could be only one cart loaded with goods and it would still be a juicy target. To hide her nervousness, Deryn took one of the small throwing daggers from her belt and began cleaning under her nails. She didn't talk to anyone but listened to the chatter around her and to the sounds coming from nature.

From the lead wagon, Taral closed her eyes and breathed deeply through her nose. The scents of the world came in and her well trained mind interpreted the input. She recognized the trees along their path and a few other species of plant and animal. The animals were scattering as the noisy convoy lumbered along the road. Everything seemed ordinary, and the Druid on the roof of the first cart was at peace.

Leaning back a bit, Lia looked up at the sky, taking it all in. She knew that things weren't likely to be easy once they got where they were going. However, sometimes an easy trip put her mind at ease for a while before they went headfirst into whatever it was.

The ride continues carefully as everyone was on alert, the latest intel was shared and even the convoy leader was on high alert. Whatever was going to happen, will be soon known or rather be forgotten as they arrive at their destination. The convoy disappeared from the eye view of the Alderworth walls as the grandmaster lowered her scope and sighs at the new development, she knew that the Viscountess was against this whole ordeal and somehow she approved of it, but why?

"Grandmaster, everything okay?" A Sergeant spoke that stood next to her.

"Yes, get me the schedule for the night shift for the towers, I want check something" Fidelia replied seeing the Sergeant nod and walk away as her gaze still was into the fields to the forest where Ava and the Convoy disappeared "Mmm"


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