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Back at Central

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 9:46am by Bronze Ava Aldithley & Storyteller & Bronze Taral & Bronze Sophia Parsons & Bronze Lia Nailo (Nigh-Low) & Bronze Deryn Bardell & Bronze Neldëa Koako

Mission: Quest: The route to Naleddus
Location: Alderworth Guards Central
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 1130

The events of Barren Tip were still haunting her, the large mother spider pinning her down, Ava didn't mention it to her mother. She knew that her mother would forbid her from further adventures and rather lock her up in a tower to keep her safe. But Ava wanted to see the world, the miracles that were awaiting her. Taking a deep breath, she entered AGC and it was still amazing to see it all, the red curtains, the symbols, the statues and paintings. Ava tied her grip on her staff as she heard her name from the counter and gave a soft smile at the woman.

"Miss Aldithley, wonderful work on the last quest. Your team did great work clearing the routes in the Barren Tips. But I got another quest for you and your new friends" She smiled when Ava approached her desk. She shoves a pamplet to her "A convoy mission to Naleddus"

Naleddus, that was a border city in the west. Ava remember her mapping classes and grabs the piece of paper and sighs "Is my mother behind this..." She lifted the paper looking at the woman a bit annoyed.

"Your mother?" She said a bit nervous in her reply "We work from the council point of view, we are just assigned to give our adventurers the best quest that fits the bill for them" She quickly and yet diplomatically answered back looking at the woman in front of her.

"Right" Ava said putting the paper away "Next time we pick the quest up, no need for special guidance" She salutes the woman and walks away. The woman was a bit shocked at how Ava spoke to her and didn't know where to look. Ava however didn't care and saw some of her team walking in "Got a quest.." She offered the quest paper to them.

Taral had worked well with the previous team and was happy to work with them again. They had made no formal agreement to keep working together, but it made sense. Work was work, and she was happy to have earned her first five gold pieces as an adventurer, independent from her family or her Circle.

She didn’t care for being dependent on co-adventurers. But as a party, they definitely got more done together than they could apart. And these women were competent fighters and magicians.

The Ithiris Druid gestured for Ava and anyone else working with them to meet her in a corner under a brazier, so they could read the quest paper.

Having walked in to see Ava being handed a pamphlet, Deryn waited off to the side, slightly behind the Druid they'd worked with, to see what the Ithiris woman would do. Their last adventure had been fun, and she'd enjoyed working with them, but she wouldn't admit to that. Not outright anyway. But, still, if they did not want to continue working as a group, she would find something else to do.

A small smirk formed on her face as Ava walked in the direction of the Druid, and herself. Seeing the motion to move to the corner, Deryn nodded, then began slowly sauntering over. A slight cheeky grin formed on her face as she wondered if she could scare one of these women. She would have to wait until they were distracted though.

Sophia Parsons was just heading towards Central when she noticed that two of the people she had traveled with previously were already there. She shrugged her shoulders and wondered what sort of trouble Ava had managed to find for them this time. The spiders were entertaining as it were and she certainly was looking forward to hunting them again.

Sophia also found that she was excited to see both of them, so much in fact that she bounced causing her quiver to move and two arrows to fall out. "Hey!" She shouted and pointed, "I remember you..." She said next then leapt forward and tackled the Druid when she was going far too quickly to stop.

Sophia sat up, "Sorry..." She muttered.

'Perfect distraction,' Deryn thought as she went wide of the group, just barely managing to contain a laugh at the tiny Ranger tackling the barely-taller-than-her Druid. She quietly came up behind the still standing Ithiris and looked down over Ava's shoulder. "Hey Red, what'cha find there?" She asked softly in Ava's ear. A cheeky grin formed on Deryn's face as she pretended to be interested in the pamphlet.

Taral wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be annoyed at the small Human Ranger, but ended up somewhere in between, wearing a smirk as she climbed back to her feet. “Looks like we’re getting the party back together,” she said to the growing group. “Has anyone seen the Artificer?”

Lia had been nearby, waiting to see if the group had gotten a new quest or not before making it so anyone could see her. Besides that, she had been fiddling with a few things in her bag. "Taral?" She finally made it so the others could see her and slipped out of the shadows but barely looked up from what she was fiddling with until she grinned and tucked it back into her bag. "I've been here, but busy."

Holding the pamphlet up to Deryn "A quest, like I said before" She said a bit confused looking at Deryn "They want us to do a convoy protection quest. The convoy is to leave for Naleddus, which is bordered to one of the Council of Eleven kingdoms. They require the equipment as soon as possible and we are getting paid a good amount of coin for it" Looking at Lia "Heya, I did see you being busy" She kinda defended Lia being busy.

"Sounds boring," Deryn frowned. "Why'd you pick this one for us?" She looked at the pamphlet briefly before moving to lean against the wall. Though she would normally walk away from a quest like this, and a group like this, she felt a pull to the others and couldn't bring herself to walk away. Instead she brooded in her little spot against the wall. "Any cool trinkets?" She asked Lia.

"Just fiddling with the weapons I had, my daggers and little knives. I can make cool trinkets when I have time, but looks like we've got something to do, even though I do agree, it sounds extremely boring." Lia shrugged slightly. "Maybe I can help you with trinkets later, Deryn."

“It is paying work,” Taral noted. “And every bit of boring work gets us closer to exciting work. We can’t forget that we’re still junior members of our guilds. We need to earn our way to more fun jobs.” Then she smiled at her party members. “Plus, just because this sounds like easy coin doesn’t mean it will be.”

Neldëa entered the building, feeling a bit naked. Sure she had on her street clothing. She had her armor waiting in a wagon outside. She didn't want to dress, until she knew what type of quest she could get. She wasn't unarmed. Her hand axe was on her hip. She had recently been dealing with house affairs, But she needed to do something to break the monotony. Normally she would have had her sword on her other hip, yet she had decided to help out the poor man who had a job sharpening weapons by the doors of the AGC. She had used him before. He was fast and did very good work. But the only pay he got was a fraction of what he charged the people who used his services. She could do the work herself. But this put a few coins in his pocket, so he could get a stein of mead and a warm meal. She wasn't worried about her sword going missing. Her steward and his children were at her cart with her armor in it, just to keep her belongings safe.

She had been sitting around the Sunbrawlers guild, waiting for a job. But had finally decided to go to the guards central and see if they had more work than the Sunbrawlers. She had been here in the past. But lately, she had been running with a group of Sunbrawlers. Until the guild master thought she was getting ahead of herself.

Of the groups inside and out, she had seen a few sunbrawlers with them. In fact, one was with a group off on one side of the building. There was another. But she was a ranger and not a fighter. Neldëa walked up to the desk and spoke clearly, if a bit loud. "Hello there. I was wondering if you had any groups that are in need of a fighter?"

The woman looked up from her desk and saw the woman that stood there, she and the isignia of Sunbrawlers on her and smiled eventually at her "There is a convoy going to leave seen, I believe that group there has taken on this quest, talk to them for more information"

"Thank you." Neldëa answered with a slight bow of her head. She turned from the desk and looked to the group.

Sophia had since picked up the arrows that had fallen out of her quiver and dusted her pants off before bouncing around the small group. "Boring?" She asked, "Well I guess being stuck inside all day would be pretty boring, but this work doesn't seem so bad." She mentioned to the others, "And, at least it pays like Tara said."

Lia remembered their last mission and smirked a bit. "Easy...yeah I doubt it. Given how our last mission went? At least we all made it out of that one."

Reminding her of the large spiders made her spine shifter and her tail hairs get fluffy "Yes...but an easy mission is an easy coin I guess. Other side of this quest is that we are able to see something else then just Alderworth and be far gone from the Spiders at the Barren Tips" Something everyone in this group could agree on. The mission was easy, but Lia gut feeling would trouble the group more then they would have presumed.

Neldëa walked up to the table which seemed to have the aforementioned ranger, and a druid. Plus a caster or two, she thought. "Excuse me. May I have a word?"

Great, another noble, Taral thought to herself. And one who wears her symbol. Ava proved herself, but this one...this one might be a liability. Then again, if she's well trained... "Let me guess. You were told to come talk to us because we're going on a quest and could benefit from another, which admittedly we probably could." Or rich girl wants adventure in her life.

Neldëa nodded. "Indeed I have come to offer aide in your quest, should you desire it. I'm a fighter in good standing with the Sunbrawlers guild. I am also willing to do this quest for no coin. To prove myself to you and your group"

Listening to the side conversation, Lia slightly rolled her eyes. "No one said anything about proving yourself," she whispered to herself after what she heard. They were there to help others if needed, or go do what others needed doing. She didn't feel the need to prove herself at all, should anyone else? Digging back into her bag, she began to fiddle again.

Finally Ava noticed the woman that joined up, she narrows her eyes a bit hearing the others as her eyes slide over the cloak with a the house symbol on it "Right..we can use all the help Miss Koako" Ava pointed out trying to let the others agree with that statement "Does anyone need anything else, the convoy is leaving soon, I got my stuff" She confirmed.

Sophia had finally calmed down quite a bit, gotten all of her belongings sorted and adjusted, and found herself ready to go. Then she noticed a new person, "Oh... Oh we've got someone else new to join us this is simply wonderful. Welcome to the team, party, thing..." She said and started to bounce slightly.

"Thank you. Let me get my armor from my cart and I'll be ready to go." Neldëa bowed once more to the group. internally she was thinking about what best to take on a convoy. Protection, but mobility.

'Oh great... another goodie-goodie noble snot,' Deryn thought as she looked at the woman who'd joined them. If the others were ok with her joining, she would be. But if this one caused trouble, she wasn't going to take the blame for it. "I'm ready to go. Not like I've got much," she said with another glance at the newcomer, then back to Taral, Ava, Lia, and Sophia. "But I'm not being a packmule if any of you have more stuff than you can carry," she said, mostly joking, with a slight smirk.

Neldëa turned and moved quickly for the door. Knowing she had to get ready fast. As she opened the door she called out. "Chain shirt. Shield and leggings." Across the street from the building were two kids and a man standing by a cart. As she gave the order, the kids turned to grab her gear. Then the door closed, cutting off the other's view of her.

Seeing the new girl leave, Ava looked at the rest "Alright, lets get ready for the quest. Grab what you need as it is a day ride" She pointed out, standing up and leaving the others behind.


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