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The peaceful region of Essia, with wonderful grass fields, hills, the sea, and the dangerous yet interesting Barren Tips mountains. If you would pull out a known world map of Exonia, then Essia would lay to the east at the Dawn Sea where many ships have tried to cross and never been seen after their fateful voyage. Essia is also known to be a Free City region, meaning that all cities are governed in the image of their own vision.

However, west of Essia lays the lands of the Council fo Eleven. Eleven human Kingdoms that fall under the same banner. They seek to expand their influence and it starting to reach into the region of Essia.

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Included Missions

Quest: The route to Naleddus

Post Count: 30

Brightlanders guild is looking for adventurers of the rank of Bronze to take up a transport mission to the city of Naleddus that lays at the borders of Bulia Kingdom, which is a member of the Council of Eleven. The mayor of Naleddus requested a load of minerals from Alderworth in regard to repairs of their systems. The payment has been completed by Naleddus, are you up for an easy coin? Sign up today!

The Brightlanders Guild is willing to pay 50 bronze coins for completion of this quest.