The Sim

Welcome to this story,

As a bard, it is my responsibility to tell you of the great tales that weaver around in Exonia. Ahh, you wish to hear the more specific details as well, well no worries! I will gloriously sing you the tales of Exonia, enjoy, and hopefully, I can add more content to my songs and tales over time.

Welcome to the timeline of Exonia, here you will find the juicy details that will be edited in time over and over to add the content and results of all contributions from our members. Yes, your quest, your tales have an impact on state affairs and settings, so go out there and make great stories as it will be summed up here. Below you will find a list of dates expressed in Tralirs and the event behind it, sometimes even linked to a certain topic to give some further depth. Got questions? Ask the staff about it!

The story thus far...
The Age of Tralirs
0 - The cataclysm occurred, yet darkness is defeated.
18 - Colonist of a forgotten empire arrive at Barren Tips and settles, the village of Alderworth is created
21 - Marblevale settles into the village of Alderworth
24 - By order of the Viscount the Alderworth Guards is formed
51 - Brightlanders is founded in the city of Alderworth
73 - Skervia or also known as the undead tribe, attack Alderworth with a minor victory.
74 - Shadowshapers is founded in the city of Alderworth
87 - Sunbrawlers settles in the city of Alderworth
117 - Alderworth Guards training schedule is radically changed to more intense and heavier
119 - Barren Skervia Invasion (The second Skervia invasion)
119 - Euphrasia Constance Aldithley or also known as Mage fo Alderworth is the successor for the viscountess position
125 - The city of Alderworth finishes its wall and gate upgrades and earns the title of The Citadel
140 - Current date!