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Bronze Sascha Delarosa

Name Sascha Delarosa

Position Druid

Rank Bronze

General Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 18

Status Information

Organization Marblevale
Class Druid
Orcish Nakfa Gold: 0 coins
Silver: 0 coins
Bronze: 0 coins
Copper: 0 coins

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 110
Hair Color White blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Words often used to describe Sascha are: small, scrawny, pale. And these things are true. Sascha is five foot even, maybe 110 pounds, and her skin is so pale it's nearly translucent. She was thought to have been a sickly child, but that was far from the truth. Taking almost entirely after her mother, Sascha was always healthy and strong despite her small size.

Her hair is kept long and loose. While her natural colour is white blonde, she loves to add colour to it with either natural dies streaked through or colourful strings, leaves, and beads. Her favourite colour to accessorize with is blue, like her almond-shaped eyes. Due to her affinity to use natural items as decor and jewlry, Sascha usually has an earthy scent about her.

Her nose is crooked from the events that took her mother and siblings away. She also has a silver-white thin scar across her left cheek, running from the bridge of her nose down to her earlobe in a ragged line from the same incident. Aside from this, her only distinguishing feature is a tattoo of a tree on her back with a bird for each of her family members in its branches.

As well as the items she likes to add to her hair, Sascha is always seen wearing a short, hooded cloak that comes down to about her elbows. This cloak belonged to her mother and has had several patches and items sewn onto it over the years. It is one of Sascha's most prized posessions.

Social Connection

Father Saul Delarosa (Fighter)
Mother Cyrene (Krauss) Delarosa (deceased) (Druid)
Brother(s) Eliphas (deceased, would be 15)
Half- Brothers:
Lucian 10
Kane 9
Mortimer 6
Finn 4
Dante (triplet) 1
Dylan (triplet) 1
Derrick (triplet) 1
Sister(s) Astrid (deceased, would be 15)
Isidore 7
Thalia 2
Other Family Step-Mother: Anise (Naxremis) Delarosa (Ranger)

In-depth Information

Personal History Born on 5/5/121, Sascha is the eldest child of 3 born to her mother, Cyrene (Krauss) Delarosa, and the eldest of 12 born to her father, Saul Delarosa. When she was three the twins, Eliphas and Astrid were born. She wasn't sure she wanted to be a big sister, but fell in love with the two, drooling, giggling bundles of noise.

When Sascha was four, her father went on a quest that was supposed to only take a month, but had lasted for nearly four. During that time, Sasha's 5th birthday and the twin's 2nd birthdays occurred. Shortly before Saul returned home, there was a fire in the family home that forced the young family out. After saving what she could Cyrene packed up her children in a caravan she bought from the neighbour and set out for her family's home on the other side of the city.

Unfortunately, they would not make it there. Just outside of the city limits, the caravan was attacked by bandits who mistook Cyrene for a royal. Before they realized their error, the caravan had been flipped, killing the twins and severely injuring Sascha. Cyrene had also been fatally wounded by an overzealous bandit.

Fearing retaliation for what they'd done, and believing Sascha to be dead, the lead bandit killed Cyrene and fled with his small band, taking what meager belongings the family had with them. Where the young family lay happened to be on the path Saul and his questmates took back to the city.

Upon finding his wife and children dead, Saul cried out in anguish loud enough to rouse Sascha from the state of stupor she had been in. The party's druid healed Sascha as best as she could, and stayed with the child while Saul and the rest of the party went in search of the bandits Sascha had described.

It was nearly two days before Saul and party returned, but in that time they had not only killed the bandits and recovered the family's items, but they found more information on other bandit cells and more gold than they could carry. Saul turned in the information to the Alderworth Guards, not interested in pursuing the other bandits.

For the first year, Saul and Sascha lived with his parents while they mourned their losses. Eventually the need for coin forced Saul back into questing. Sascha was left with her grandparents during this time, which she didn't mind. What she did mind was the new woman that eventually started coming home with her father. Though, eventually, she warmed to Anise Naxremis, the ranger whom her father was starting to court.

Within a year, Saul and Anise were married. Not long after, Anise fell pregnant with the first of the many children she would have with Saul. Thankfully, Saul's parents, Cyrene's mother, and Anise's parents were all willing to mind the children so that Saul and Anise could continue questing, when Anise wasn't pregnant or nursing, to keep coin coming in for their growing family.

As she grew, Sasha felt a pull toward nature. She loved small animals and being among the trees. Her maternal grandmother picked up on this and began teaching Sascha the ways of the Druids when she was 10. Though she didn't start learning any spells until she was 15, Sascha excelled at everything her grandmother taught her. At the age of 16, Sascha was introduced to the Marblevale Guild and taken under the tutelage of one of the Druid's there. Shortly after she turned 18, she took the trials of the guild and earned admittance into the guild. A few months later, her maternal grandmother passed away. Sascha was devastated, but knew that this was yet another trial she would have to endure in her lifetime. She took a month to mourn and then threw herself into learning and questing in order to gain new skills.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though she was a somewhat shy child, Sascha has a bubbly and bright personality. She tends to have more sass than she should, though, which leads her into all kinds of troubles. As does her voracious curiosity. Generally happy, Sascha loves to learn and try out new spells, which is good, since she barely knows any, pretty much all of the spells the Marblevale Guild can teach her are new!

Though she is a diligent student, from time to time she becomes quite enthralled with a book or subject, often letting other work go. Her apetite for new knowledge is often seen as laziness since she's generally sat around with her nose in a book. This is far from reality though, as Sascha has a strong work ethic.

She has a few friends from childhood, but lost contact with them once they each went into their respective guilds. However, she is a friendly person, always willing to lend an ear or shoulder to a friend in need.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests


Known Skills Nature
Animal Handling


Known Spells Druidcraft: Whispering to the spirits of nature, you create one of the following effects within range:

• You create a tiny, harmless sensory effect that predicts what the weather will be at your location for the next 24 hours. The effect might manifest as a golden orb for clear skies, a cloud for rain, falling snowflakes for snow, and so on. This effect persists for 1 round.

• You instantly make a flower blossom, a seed pod open, or a leaf bud bloom.

• You create an instantaneous, harmless sensory effect, such as falling leaves, a puff of wind, the sound of a small animal, or the faint odor of skunk. The effect must fit in a 5-foot cube.

• You instantly light or snuff out a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.

Mending: This spell repairs a single break or tear in an object you touch, such as a broken chain link, two halves of a broken key, a torn cloak, or a leaking wineskin. As long as the break or tear is no larger than 1 foot in any dimension, you mend it, leaving no trace of the former damage.

Wild Cunning: You call out to the spirits of nature to aid you. When you cast this spell, choose one of the following effects:

• If there are any tracks on the ground within range, you know where they are, and you make Wisdom (Survival) checks to follow these tracks with advantage for 1 hour or until you cast this spell again.

• If there is edible forage within range, you know it and where to find it.

• If there is clean drinking water within range, you know it and where to find it.

• If there is suitable shelter for you and your companions with range, you know it and where to find it.

• Send the spirits to bring back wood for a fire and to set up a campsite in the area using your supplies. The spirits build the fire in a circle of stones, put up tents, unroll bedrolls, and put out any rations and water for consumption.

• Have the spirits instantly break down a campsite, which includes putting out a fire, taking down tents, packing up bags, and burying any rubbish.

Flame Blade: You evoke a fiery blade in your free hand. The blade is similar in size and shape to a scimitar, and it lasts for the duration. If you let go of the blade, it disappears, but you can evoke the blade again as a bonus action.

You can use your action to make a melee spell attack with the fiery blade. On a hit, the target takes 3d6 fire damage. The flaming blade sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet.

Healing Word: A creature of your choice that you can see within range regains hit points equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.