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Diamante Euphrasia Aldithley

Name Euphrasia Constance Aldithley

Position Viscountess of Alderworth

Rank Diamante

General Information

Gender Female
Species Ithiris
Age 51

Status Information

Occupation Viscountess
Organization City of Alderworth
Class Sorcerer (Warlock)
Orcish Nakfa Gold: 557 coins
Silver: 1124 coins
Bronze: 5k coins
Copper: 2.5k coins

Physical Appearance

Height 4.7 feet tall
Weight 47 kg
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Green Emerald
Physical Description Being an average higher in height, Euphrasia is 4.7 feet tall and has a slim yet muscled formed body. Her fur is light yellow to white as her hair is long orange. She has green emerald eyes and no visible scars can be found on her body, though she has on her upper right arm a burned wound that barely anyone knows about. Her tail is most of the time wrapped around her middle and is not seen in public that often as people might mistake it with being a belt. Both her ears and tail have a somewhat darker orange to brown color.
Languages - Native Ithiris
- Native Human

Social Connection

Spouse Reynard Peter Aldithley (Deceased)
Children Ava Olivia Aldithley
Father Allen Barnabas Belcher (Deceased)
Mother Georgina Amy Belcher (Deceased)
Other Family

In-depth Information

Personal History Born on 89 Tralirs under the care of Allen and Georgina Belcher as an only child, Euphrasia was raised as a happy and joyful child that was curious in anything she saw, smelled or could hear. Her parents were part of the Belcher caste that had a somewhat average standing in their culture and tribe. Euphrasia grew within the wildness and learned to survive within it and use her surroundings to her advantage a was mostly taught by her mother, as was common among the Ithiris. Thought her father, Allen, was accused more than once for using dark magic, yet he never showed ill intentions to his fellow Ithirian people. Yet the chief of their tribe chooses to ban the Belcher out of their tribe to bring peace back to the community.

Without any fuzz made, Allen and his family left the tribe to travel east and explore the open grounds of Exonia. He knew that his magic was bound not to the Vei Luba, but towards another realm that provided his magic and was experienced as a curse within the realm of Exonia. Euphrasia only knew on an older age that her father was one of the few warlocks in Exonia, the class was rare and dangerous as every time a person tapped into its magic, chains would wrap around the person's soul until there is no spot free and the person becomes one with that realm. They arrived at a rather small city named Alderworth after months of traveling, her father kept the magic to himself as he joined the Alderworth guards as her mother joined the Brightlander due to her vast experience of exotic products and experience geographics.

With the status of both her parents, they made a good royal status for themselves and were loved among the people. Euphrasia, now 18 years old, joined the Alderworth Guards and started to learn from both the trainers there and her father. Her father was now a respective captain in the Guards after countless of barbarian attacks was wipe away with ease under his leadership. Yet when Euphrasia got to the age of 28, she withness the biggest Skervia attack coming down the Barren Tips, the undead were very organized and attacked the city in waves. Euphrasia lost her parents that day, but saved the city's viscount and managed to gain her father's old position due to her actions.

When reaching the age of 26, she met her spouse. A traveling Ithirian named Reynard who managed to charm his way into the heart of Euphrasia and she gladly created the royal house of Aldithley when they got married and Ava was born in 114 Tralirs. Thought her happiness was not to last for long when Reynard didn't return towards Alderworth. Euphrasia begged her viscount to let her seek out the Barren Tips for her husband, yet he only allowed a small team due to that the fear of another Skervia attack was still fresh for the citizens of Alderworth. With a bitter taste, she accepted the terms and left her daughter to the care of her best friend Fidelia. With her team, she scouted the Barren Tips for days until they found the body of her deceased husband being attacked clearly by Skervia. With rage and sadness filling her heart she heard the voice of the Diophitia real. The Diophitia realm was, so far Euphrasia knew, the realm that her father tapped the warlock magic from. Her desire for revenge was large, she accepted the terms of Diophitia and was now bound to the curse of the warlock class. The team saw their captain change as she embraced the cursed class powers and wreck the nearby Skervia camp to the ground.

When returning to the city, she was allowed to give her husband a proper funeral as she was called to the viscount room to explain herself. When Euphrasia explained the situation, he understood her reaction and yet had to keep in mind that the undead would rally back up and bite back one a day. She was not put into chains but was promoted to the grandmaster of the Alderworth Guards after the previous grandmaster had tender in his resignment. The viscount ordered her to prepare the guards for whatever was going to march down that mountain. It was only a matter of time until the undead started indeed to march down the Barren Tips and this time Alderworth was ready for them. It was recorded as the Barren Skervia Invasion in the Alderworth history books. It was in this battle that Euphrasia managed to protect her city, yet a surprise attack of a large skeleton dragon blast his way to the viscount house uphill, she was forced to tap again into her forbidden magic and felt the chains go around her legs, yet it was enough to take the dragon down. Alderworth lost in the Barren Sekervia Invasion their Viscount who gave the reign of his power to Euphrasia.

Euphrasia accepted the mantel and became the Viscountess of Alderworth with Fidelia taking over her position. It was under Euphrasia's guidance and leadership that Alderworth grew larger and bigger than it was known for. Yet Euphrasia stayed always diligent over her own daughter and kept her as long as she could out of danger until Ava joined the Marblevale Guild to become a sorcerer, she was promised that she would get good guidance and knew that Fidelia had trained Ava in the art of archery. In a way, Euphrasia was relieved to know that she became a sorcerer and not able to tap to the powers of the warlocks.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like most of her people, Euphrasia is a reclusive person that rather avoids interactions with other people. The people of Alderworth know her to be a reserve but a wise person. Euphrasia loves to travel whenever she can and seen in her younger years most of Exonia from the good and the bad. This made her experienced in the field of warfare, combat, magic, and leadership. Before she became the viscountess of Alderworth, she was known to be a feared and well seasoned Alderworth Guardsman and adviser to the previous viscount. Her years of being in charge of the Alderworth Guardsman showed to this day the strength of the military power through her hard-working attitude and discipline. Now her days as viscountess she is known to be calm, reserved and takes careful steps before making any choices as she understands the world's politics all too well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strenght:
- Leadership
- Charisma
- Quick-decisions

- Her daughter
- Warlock
Ambitions To protect the citizen of Alderworth and her daughter.
Hobbies & Interests


Known Skills - Intimidation
- Survival
- Insight
- Arcana
- Athletics


Known Spells - Arcane Gate: The portals are two-dimensional glowing rings filled with mist, hovering inches from the ground and perpendicular to it at the points you choose. A ring is visible only from one side (your choice), which is the side that functions as a portal.
- Lighting Lure: Creation of lash of lightning energy
- Sword Burst: Create a momentary circle of spectral blades that sweep around
- Psychic Scream: You unleash the power of your mind to blast the intellect of up to ten creatures of your choice that you can see within range.
- Crown of Stars: Seven star-like motes of light appear and orbit your head until the spell ends. You can use a bonus action to send one of the motes streaking toward one creature or object within 120 feet of you. When you do so, make a ranged spell attack.
- Meteor Swarm (Forbidden Spell): Blazing orbs of fire plummet to the ground at four different points you can see within range.


Equipment - Longsword
- Dagger
- Alderworth Guards Armor (Light)
- Spellcasting focus (gem engraved with the crest of House Aldithley)
- Viscountess mantel