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Bronze Neldëa Koako

Name Neldëa Tis Koako

Position Fighter

Rank Bronze

General Information

Gender Female
Species Ithiris
Age 20

Status Information

Occupation Adventurer / Daughter of the House of Kaoko
Organization Sunbrawlers guild/ House of Kaoko
Class Fighter
Orcish Nakfa Gold:

Physical Appearance

Height 4'2"
Weight 80 lbs
Hair Color Whiteish
Eye Color red
Physical Description Neldëa is the true meaning of big things in small packages. She stands slightly above four foot tall, but her muscular structure has been honed by working with huge weapons, so she is ripped. There are scars across her body that she refused to have healed, so they serve as her badges of honor.

Her hair is white and she has deep red eyes. The short soft fur that covers most of her body is pale. Giving her the look of an albino in the sunlight. When in her armor, her tail is tucked in one leg of her armor, to keep it safe. When in normal clothes, she lets it swing free.
Languages Human, Elvish, Ithirish

Social Connection

Spouse none
Children none
Father Unknown ranger from forest dwelling Ithiris
Mother Unknown except for the name Jennith (deceased forest dwelling Ithiris)
Brother(s) Edēlā(also named by the elf that helped give him life. First of three kids. Ranger with deceased father’s bow)
Sister(s) Attëa (Second of the triplets. Also named by the same elfdruid: has mothers staff)

Other Family Adopted mother Kress is a noblewoman who raised Neldëa from a newborn till about fourteen when she learned of her true birth mother and rebelled. She has several adopted aunts and uncles, plus her mother's parents still live. As for her birth family, she knows very little of them, or if she has any extended family.

Friends/Contacts Kolar and his daughter’s Heidi and Keela. Kolar has been steward of Neldëa ’s property and holdings for the past year. He stays in her apartment that is in a large manor and property that her family owns.

Loval Her mother’s steward. Who has also been a confidant, teacher, mentor and trainer to Neldea for all her life.

Servants and retainers for the house of Kaoko

In-depth Information

Personal History Neldëa ‘s birth and arrival to the city is something only her adopted mother Kress and her adopted mother's steward, Loval. At the time of her birth, Kress had been part of the Vanguard's guard. A paladin of the Order of Tyr. Loval was a cleric who join to stay near Kress.

Her birth mother was found, very pregnant and almost dead, on a farm near a mine, both properties owned by the lofty house of Kaoko, of Which Kress was the only daughter. Brigands had come from the south and were killing civilians and warriors from the city in droves. A small group of the Vanguards guards came with a handful of clerics. Her mother was taken to the clerics who managed to remove the babies before the mother passed. As each was removed, they were given an Elvish name. Each named in succession.

Edēlā, the only male child, was named with the elvish word of first. Attëa, or second in Elvish, was one of two girls born. Then came Neldëa, or the Third, in Elvish.

One of her birth mother’s companions only wanted to take two of the children, which was the number of children that their leader had insisted she would have. Not to mention carrying three babies on one’s own, through the forests was dangerous.

Neldëa was adopted by a rich noble who had lost her husband and only child to the same brigands who killed Neldëa ’s mother. The first few years of her life were normal, mostly. She was raised in the finest ways possible. The best foods, lots of money, lots of gifts. She was educated by the finest minds in the city. The child had a thirst for knowledge. She was raised with the attitude of treat others like you wanted to be treated. She hated that some of their family looked down on the poor. Or treated their servants poorly.

When she started her tenth year, Neldëa was told about her birth and her siblings, after some nomads from her mother’s clan came to check up on her. She began to rebel, as everything she had been taught was a lie. She turned away from her lessons. Turned away from her house. At fourteen she ran from home for the first time. After a few months on the street, she was returned. Only to leave again before she reached the age of fifteen.

After a few weeks, on a night with bad rain storms she was searching for a warm place to bed for the night. She found a stable and bedded down in with the horses. Little did she know she had come to Highfoot Stockade. For several days, the rains continued. And she was getting sick and very hungry. In the evenings she would venture out and steal food from the nearby warriors. Never was she caught. But her luck ran out on the fourth day. Her fever was bad. She was in a daze as she left her spot in the stable. The young girl stepped out in front of a large human who was riding back into the stockade on his horse.

She awoke a day later, in a room in the Sunbrawlers guild. None knew who she was, but they helped nurse her back to help. What she didn't know, was that her mother's retainer, Loval, had come to help heal her. He had left before she woke. Her mother didn't want to push her away, but to keep her healthy.

The Sunbrawlers took her in. Not as a charity case. Instead they made her work for a small room where the servants stayed and for her food. She became like a helper there. Running weapons and armor to other warriors. Some of the older crowd began to train her in the arts of battle. By sixteen she had began to have a firm grasp on using a rapier and had begun to learn how to throw an axe. By eighteen she was good with a short sword and bow. At that point she was fully accepted into the guild. Little did she know that her adopted mother was in attendance to see her get approved.

She wanted to be a paladin at first. But her attitude of not wanting to follow laws she felt were wrong, and her entire moral code were not a good fit with the Order of Tyr. Through the years she had made her own code. She was a good person, but many of the laws of the city were not for her. She wouldn't attack an unarmed person. Yet she could not let evil creatures and people walk freely.

Two years later she reconciled with her adopted mother, begging forgiveness for all the pain she had caused. It was then she learned that her mother had known where she had ran too. She realized that some of the older men knew of her mother and trained her under mother's orders, so she could protect herself. All of this had come about when she saved two orphans from a life in an orphanage or workhouse. This was also the time she saved Kolar, father to the orphans, in an arena match. Making him her new retainer.

She attends few functions as the daughter of a noble house. Now she has had a total of two years in the guild and is getting ready to move out on her own

Personality & Traits

General Overview Neldëa is a free spirit, going and doing what her heart decides it wants to do. This puts her at odds with local laws, her own guild and even her family. She has a personal code of not attacking unarmed people, and will defend them from her own guildmates until that person is either captured, or has his weapon again.

She is mostly friendly, but stays secretive about her family name. She uses her own money made from doing quests for the guild. But with that she gives almost all of it away to local beggars, which puts her at odds with the local authorities. She keeps enough to feed herself and to purchase new gear when the need arises. She is slowly warming back up to her adopted family, after years of rebelling.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong, despite being small
+ has connections through out the noble's of the city
+ Has access to the money of her House, but doesn't like to use it.
+ very excellent with the tools of her trade
+ enjoys personal freedom
+ Generous

- doesn't like to follow laws
- not big on ceremony in house dealings
- will not attack or kill an unarmed opponent
- Will do and go where her heart guides her, which can go afoul of her orders
Ambitions To find her place in life
Hobbies & Interests fighting, Training and watching arena battles are high on her list of fun activities.

She can find time to take orphan kids to the docks and go fishing, or helping out those in need.


Known Skills Skills: Athletics, acrobatics, Perception persuasion


Known Spells Cleave -- Deliver a threefold attack to enemies in a cone before you, dealing physical damage each hit.

Block -- Raise your shield, absorbing damage from the front of you will protect you mostly from the damage, however, you still can receive the half of the given damage per hit.

Shield Slam -- Deal physical damage to enemies in a line before you.

Knee Breaker -- In training, you will learn how to deal with physical damage to the enemy in combat, knee breaking is one of these.

Endurance of Brawlers -- You are able to move faster, your stamina holds out longer and you don't get tired like other classes. You have a 25% advantage.


Equipment Normal equipment
Short sword
Hand axe (for throwing or if sword gets away from her)
Short bow with twenty arrows

At her place in town, she also has different styles of armor. from the normal Leather armor that the lighter classes favor, to a chain shirt. To full plate and full chainmail. She tends to pick one for whatever her quest is. Most of the armor is hand-me-downs and don't fit her well. Only her hide armor and her scale-mail fit the best.She also has several types of short swords there, including rapiers and curved swords. Some of these are cast offs from older warriors, or more hand me downs. Most are on a wall so she has memories of the owners who all helped shape her life. She has just a couple spears, but she isn't as proficient with those, as she is a sword.